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Black tea by Modern Tea 10 cups

Black tea: Pure and rich tasting tea, Soft and smooth naturally without bitter taste from the tea leaf.

Dissolvable Crystals Only, NO nuisance of tea leaves or tea bags

Health benefits:

Anti-aging tea, Helps with chronic stress, fights diabetes,minimizes allergies, anti-inflammatory, stimultes central nervous system, prevents Alzheimer, lowers the risk of heart disease and has diuretic effects.

Modern Tea selects the top quality black tea leaves from Sri-Lanka as 100 % natural, pur and raw material, by using ultra-filtering and low-temperature extraction technology, removes all pesticide residues and heavy metal in black tea leaves; keep all original nutrition and taste of the black tea into water dissolvable crystals; produces convenient, nutritious and safe Modern Black Tea.

Packet contains 10 units 


Price :


Only 1 INGREDIENT: Natural and pure Black tea

Steeping and dissolving in 5 to 7 seconds


  • Sugar free
  • No chemical additives, artificial flavor, or pesticide residues.
  • Crystals are dissolvable in hot or cold water.
  • 100% pure black tea without the nuisance of tea leaves or tea bag.
  • All black tea’s benefits and nutrition are easily absorbed by Modern Tea’s unique technology.
  • Designed for easy carrying and steeping.
  • Tea to go for real.

Packet contains 10 units 


Customer Reviews

Great tea to wake up with! Review by G.
I like the natural taste with no bitterness or after taste. I recommend. (Posted on 4/4/2017)

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