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White tea by Modern Tea 10 cups

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White tea is an extremely nourishing and tasty brew with a natural fragrance reminiscent of a delicate orchid.

Dissolvable Crystals Only, NO nuisance of tea leaves or tea bags

Health benefits:

White Tea’ s antioxidant powerhouse fights germs and kills cancer-causing cells, it assists with joints and bones health, slows skin aging. White tea maintains even blood sugar levels, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. Inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause gum disease, cavities, and bad breath.  

First class silver needle white tea leaves (bai hao yin zhen) are selected from Fuding city and Zhenghe town as raw material, using ultra-filtering and low-temperature extraction technology, removes all pesticide residues and heavy metal in white tea leaves; keep all original nutrition and taste of the white tea into water dissolvable crystals; produces convenient, nutritious and safe Modern White Tea.

Packet contains 10 units

Net Weight: 0.5g

Price :


Only 1 INGREDIENT:  Natural and pure  White tea 

Steeping and dissolving in 5 to 7 seconds


  • Sugar free
  • No chemical additives, artificial flavor, or pesticide residues.
  • Crystals are dissolvable in hot or cold water.
  • 100% pure white tea without the nuisance of tea leaves or tea bag.
  • All white tea’s benefits and nutrition are easily absorbed by Modern Tea’s unique technology.
  • Designed for easy carrying and steeping.
  • Tea to go for real.

Packet contains 10 units

Net weight: 0.5g

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